We would like to introduce you to Louder Still

We are a worship ministry made up of songwriters and musicians whose purpose and calling is simple: To invite every person to join us in pursuing a life surrendered to the One who gives life, who redeems, and who sustains—Jesus Christ.

A major way we do that is by pursuing Jesus in worship by writing and sharing new songs of worship.  Our hope is that whether you've walked with Jesus for decades, or you're simply curious about why we're so passionate about Him, that you will be drawn a little closer to Him every time you hear a song from one of our musicians.

In fact, as we draw closer to Him, may our hearts for worship get louder, even in the stillness when no one is looking.  May our lives and our words shout of the goodness of God, even in silence.  And when we have walked with him for decades, may the volume only continue to increase.

You see, as Jesus-loving people, it can sometimes feel like the world requests that we be silent.  But there is no silencing people who've been radically redeemed.  Because of the grace and goodness of God, we commit to worship Him like never before.  Even in the midst of our deepest heartaches, and in every triumph and every failure….

We will be LOUDER STILL.