Knowing the God You Worship

Getting to know a God you can't see


I spend a lot of time, in my current season of life, holding little hands.  These little hands are attached to wonderful little people that like to ask really difficult questions.  Questions like…

“Why is the sky blue?”

“Are aliens real?”

“Can we google a picture of the tooth fairy?”

I think simply because I’m older and bigger than them, they assume I am all-knowing and can answer all of these questions with total truth and certainty.  They must think that…because they just keep asking them!

Lately, they’ve asked some questions that have pierced my heart.  Questions like…

“How do I pray to God if I can’t see Him?”

“What is God like?”

“Where is God?”

As they grow, their questions are becoming more important and more difficult to answer.  More than anything in this entire world, I want all three of my kids to have a radical, growing relationship with Jesus.  So when they began asking questions like this, I went to the Lord on their behalf.

I asked Him,

“How do I show my kids how real You are?”

“How do I explain to them where You are?”

“How do I practically introduce them to You?”

Then He brought me the answer just as plain as day.  God reminded me that He has written them a letter, and not just any letter: an epic, multi-volume story; the Bible.  Every question we have about God can be answered with the Bible.  God has spent thousands of years making sure we have a complete collection of knowledge about Him. 

I sat down with my kids this past week and I held up the Bible and told them, “God inspired this book so that you could read it and know all about Him.  I know He inspired it because despite it being written in three languages by over forty people, it holds the same over-arching message throughout the entire book.  It’s a message of love, salvation, and redemption provided by an all-knowing and loving Creator.”

I also gave them a warning…

“For the rest of your life, people are going to tell you that this book is not true, that it’s a bunch of myths and legends, and that it doesn’t apply to our times.  You have to know, for yourselves, that this book is true and you must know how to defend it.”

After my little speech, my kids had an amazing look on their face.  I could practically see the little light bulb clicking on over the tops of their heads!  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on their faces when I told them that God wrote this book personally just for them. 

It’s amazing to me that the things I make so complicated, God has mercifully made so simple.  He gave us this beautiful book so we could know everything we ever need to know about Him.  He provided us all the knowledge we need in order to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

If we are to worship God in truth, then we must know who He is.  If we don’t spend time knowing and studying God’s word, the question of who God is will eventually be answered by a world that doesn’t know Him.  I can promise you, the world does not know the truth of God because “…the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19).”

Only through God’s word can we truly know and worship Him, and how sweet it is to spend a lifetime studying and understanding the depth and width and height of God’s love for us.  Even after a lifetime, we still will not fully comprehend it.  Our worship only becomes fuller and more blessed as we spend time studying His word and basking in the truth of His great love for us!