Easter: My God Has Risen!


His creation was perfect
Not a blemish
not a spot
Until the darkness came in
And all hope was lost

What once was paradise
And sweet communion
with the father
Was now filth and rejection
it could not have gotten any farther

The world needed a hero
One who could break the curse
But looking around
No one has that kind of girth
To restore mankind
in his connection to his creator
Would take a Messiah,
not a carnal impersonator

So He came down himself
Completely God
and completely human
His goal was to free mankind
And to provide a solution

Some mocked him
and called him crazy
Another said he lied
when He claimed to be related,
To the King of heaven
and boasted
He was his son
So like true humans,
There was only one thing
to be done

They hung Him on a cross
like a common criminal
Spit, and ridiculed,
mocked and deserted
He said “Father, forgive them,
they know not what they do..”
Even on the cross,
His mind was on you...

Then they took down His body
Placed it in a grave,
but Sabbath was coming
The girls would have to wait...
Then Sunday came just a few days later
And the world would forever
be indebted to their Savior

See while disciples and women
were crying over His death
Jesus was busy
Reconnecting mankind unto Himself

The enemy who was claiming
the lives of all His children,
would be put in His place
by the God of all creation!

He DESTROYED death that day
And then ascended to the Father
Don’t trust me,
ask his five thousand followers
History proves
that He conquered the grave,
Death would not have
the final say that day

He now stands in victory
with His arms open wide
asking “Whom do you trust,
and in whom do you abide?”
He offers His gift to any
Who wish to come alive
To all who come on their knees,
and simply ask to be revived

So I proclaim
the holiness
of my one and only hero
Who went down to Hell and back for me
now my debt is zero

This Easter I proclaim
to all who will listen