Song Story: A Child In Your Arms


Children are amazing, aren't they? If you've ever just watched a mom or dad, especially with a young child, you can't help but be amazed by the tight bond between them.Children cling to their parentwhen they're scared. They want to show every new object to them, and they rise and fall on their approval.

Amanda and son, GrahamI'll never forget holding my first-born son for the very first time. He was born early and weighed only two pounds,two ounces. I used to go to the hospital and they would let him lay on my chest, tucked into my shirt.He was completely dependent on oxygen and would frequently stop breathing for moments at a time.But...he never did that when we were holding him.His blood pressure, oxygen levels, and overall demeanor would be totally calm and steady when we were holding him.

It reminds me so much of the way our heavenly Father longs to hold us.

There are countless times in Scripture where God calls us His children. Psalm 91 says God will cover you with his feathers and under His wings you will find refuge. God longs for us to be in the shadow of His wings and under His great protection. He longs to hold us right next to His heart.

This song was written as a reflection on that close, child-like relationship we have with our heavenly Father. Jesus takes us as we are, in all our brokenness, and holds us right next to His heart...where we are safe. We are found whole and at peace in His wonderful arms, just as our young son found peace in our arms. We deeply hope that this song draws you closer to the Father of Lights. Through Jesus Christ, nothing can separate us from His great love.

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